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Books on negotiation management
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Dimensions of negotiation management

Negotius is a book that reveals the fundamental dynamics of the art of negotiation. This book is written by a practitioner, a Shadow Negotiator, who has successfully negotiated difficult cases for many years. In this book, the expert opens his bag of tricks and not only shows how negotiations are prepared and carried out, but also how the dynamics work at different levels of the negotiation world.

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Shadow negotiator

The specialist for special cases

The term 'shadow negotiator' sounds exotic. Behind this lies a highly interesting activity: handling negotiations on behalf of a client and staying hidden oneself. Tricky cases, often with delicate aspects, are not uncommon. Foad Forghani is one of the most successful shadow negotiators in Europe. In his book 'Shadow Negotiator: The Specialist for Special Cases' he chats anonymously out of the box. The exciting cases show a profession that requires negotiation skills and knowledge of human nature. This book is not a guide, but a collection of real-life negotiation cases, written in the style of fiction, which have been completely anonymized.


Negotiating is like dancing - but you have to lead properly.


Dance for power
Secrets of negotiation

In this book, the author, Foad Forghani, uses exciting examples to show how to prevail in negotiations. In everyday life, at work, in politics. Forghani offers negotiation know-how at the highest level -
presented in a clear and entertaining way.
A must-read for anyone who wants to negotiate better in the future.

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